Our WECOMS application family is ready for the new future....Are you?

WECOMS is our world-class, cloud-based, modular, schedule and operations management solution set for air transport operators of all sizes and types.
In production use since 2011, and endorsed by one of the world's most on-time airlines and Africa's best low-cost airline.
From Webb Elgin Associates in Johannesburg.

Why WECOMS? WECOMS was specifically and locally developed to provide a collection of low cost scheduling, operations, crew management, and maintenance planning software options for all types of aviation operators who are in need of simple, yet effective, solutions to ensure that the flight schedule is efficient, that crew and aircraft are trained and operating legally and efficiently, and that operations are documented according to regulatory requirements.
Customers can choose from a wide selection of functional modules to suit their unique requirements.
WECOMS is developed in Africa for African conditions, and requires no IT infrastructure investment. Customers are potentially able to operate at over 95% crew efficiency. WECOMS is equally at home in non-scheduled, training, flight school, or scheduled environments.

WECOMS Operator Types

WECOMS Modules : Compliance-Rostering-Tracking-Recurrency-Disruption-Schedule-Charter-Slots-Fuel Tracking-Maintenance Planning-Reporting
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About Us.

Webb Elgin Associates was established in 1996, is aviation focussed, and has been successfully assisting leading companies both in South Africa and overseas, for the past 28 years.

Our main products are aviation operations software, crew management software, and support. Our flagship product is the WECOMS flight operations suite. WECOMS is built on a pedigree of the world-class Genesis operations system.

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